Jade Raymond: Ubisoft Considers the “Meta-Story” for TV and Film When Developing a Franchise

on February 24, 2014 1:22 PM

Ubisoft is currently at the top of their game. Their flagship annual franchise Assassin’s Creed has been critically and commercially successful, as was Splinter Cell Blacklist, and the studio is gearing up for the release of their upcoming science-fiction open-world game, Watch_Dogs. One thing that all these games have in common aside from their mutual publisher is that they will all eventually see adaptations on the big screen. According to Ubisoft Toronto’s Jade Raymond, film and TV adaptations are considered as long-term goals when Ubisoft develops their franchises.

“When we’re building a franchise, we’re thinking of a whole universe and how we’re developing a meta-story that could live on for many years in games and TV,” Ms. Raymond told Adweek,“if the story has nowhere to go, then you end up with the video game equivalent of The Matrix 2 or something where it’s never going to be quite as genius.” On the subject of films that Ubisoft is working on currently, Ms. Raymond admitted that Ubisoft is, “doing it different…the problem with a lot of what you’ve seen in the movie adaptation of video game franchises is that often people think that when they’re experts in one type of media, they think they’re experts in everything else.”

Assassin’s Creed will star Michael Fassbender and will be released on August 7th, 2015. Splinter Cell will star Tom Hardy, no release date has been announced. Watch_Dogs‘ film adaptation is currently being developed.

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