Jagged Alliance Online Multiplayer Mode Released

Jagged Alliance Online Multiplayer Mode Released

Until today, Cliffhanger Productions’ cult strategy game’s closed beta testers could only battle against AIs. Granted, they weren’t exactly easy, but today they have announced the multiplayer options for Jagged Alliance Online.

The update includes three multiplayer modes and six different arenas to battle in, which are unlocked as honor levels are gained. Each arena has its own lobby and rankings, as well as an overall matchmaking system designed to make the matches as fair as possible.

Deathmatch mode is a one-on-one fight to the death. Bounty Hunter pits players against each others’ teams, with the death of a guarded NPC being the ultimate goal. Search and Destroy sounds a bit like capture the flag, as each player tries to protect their three objects while trying to find and destroy their opponent’s.

Each mode has two arenas, set in different locations. Deathmatch is set in either North Africa or Central America, Bounty Hunter in South America or Italy, and Search and Destroy takes place in either Morocco or the US.

Because Jagged Alliance Online uses a turn-based combat system, special bonuses are given to players who complete their turn quickly.