Jake Hunter: Ghost of the Dusk Finally Gets Details On How To Investigate and Solve Crimes; New Screenshots

on July 13, 2017 3:04 AM

Arc System Works released new details about their upcoming detective game Jake Hunter: Ghost of the Dusk, coming to Nintendo 3DS on August 31 in Japan and at an unannounced date in the west.

The details finally reveal how players will go about solving cases during this detective drama. First off, players will need to investigate, this includes talking to people and figuring out if they are telling the truth. Also, players will be able to move during these scenes to new locations. Hopefully this means they’ll be hot on the trail in the direction of the criminal.

Another option is searching, which will take some reasoning skills, such as looking at a scene and figuring out what is out of place or unique.

At times, players will enter the “Talk Profile System” or “TPS”. This is where they will listen to a character and read their facial expressions and their tone.

All the information found can be looked over in the player’s notebook, which can contain valuable clues that the player might have forgotten about. Also in this menu, you can check your belongings to analyze items for any information.

A password system has been created for players who want something extra, this will require the player to meet certain conditions.

Lastly, the tobacco system, which is Jake Hunter’s worst habit. Players can enter this system when they want to thoroughly go over the clues and get down to the bottom of the investigation.

If you want to see more, you can check out Jake Hunter: Ghost of the Dusk’s first trailer showing members of the cast.

You can check out new screenshots below:

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