What Did JakenbakeLIVE Say About His Twitch Ban?

Jake is banned from Twitch for a total of 7 days

By Kyle Knight

March 27, 2021

It looks like the popular streamer JakenbakeLIVE has received a temporary ban from the streaming platform Twitch.

Here’s everything you need to know about JakenbakeLIVE, why he has received a ban from Twitch, and what his response to the situation was.

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Tweet courtesy of @StreamerBans

Who Is JakenbakeLIVE?

Jake, better known by his online alias ‘JakenbakeLIVE’, is a Twitch streamer from the USA. He also regularly uploads to his YouTube channel which goes by the same name.

On Twitch, Jake is well known for IRL streams but does also stream games such as Valorant and Grand Theft Auto V.

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Jake first began his YouTube channel back in 2017, where he has now amassed over 150,000 followers and over 14 million combined views on the platform.

His YouTube bio states that he is “primarily known for my outdoor travel and exploration content – primarily in Japan, but I love to play games too!”. You can find links to his YouTube and Twitch channels below:

Why Was He Banned From Twitch?

On March 26, Jake was banned from Twitch for driving whilst being on his phone during a live stream on the platform. As we are sure many of you know, driving whilst on your phone is illegal in various parts of the world.

The streamer was on private property on a closed-circuit track, however, regardless of situation or fame status, being on your phone while driving a vehicle is illegal.

Many fans were stating that context should be taken into account by Twitch, but it looks like their decision is already made after hitting the streamer with a 7-day ban.

Jake will be able to return to the streaming platform on April 2, 2021.

JakenbakeLIVE Responds To Ban

A response has been released from Jake after the incident, you can find the full tweet below with the streamers response.

In short, Jake claims he “made the conscious decision to do that because it was a closed track and private event on private property”. He goes on to say that he will be appealing the ban as it’s important to take the context of the situation into account.

Moral of the story? Don’t ever touch your phone whilst driving, you will be putting your life and others at risk for no real reason.

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