James Bond 007 Franchise is Over Without Gamers

It’s no joke that the entire James Bond 007 franchise is in danger right now and producers Michael G. Wilson and Barbara Broccoli (yes that’s a real name) are reportedly “worried” about the future of the spy thriller series known and loved by millions worldwide. In London a party / event was held to showcase the upcoming Xbox 360 / PS3 / PC 007 title, James Bond 007: Blood Stone (also known as Blood Stone 007) and included a performance of the video game’s main theme song from British singer Joss Stone, unforgettable Bond items on display such as the actual GoldFinger, Jaws’ famous teeth, and the Blood Stone 007 Bond girl dressed in all black. Activision had jaws dropped at E3 2010 with the announcement of a 2010 remake for GoldenEye 007 on the Wii as well. What many of you may not know however, is that MGM is currently facing approximately $4 billion in debt.

That is why the Bond producers may be worried despite these huge announcements that double-oh-seven is going to be rocking just about every major game platform known to man.  Wilson and his half sister Broccoli let the world know in April that production of the next 007 film has halted permanently. At the London event for Blood Stone 007 Wilson stated,

“I wish we were launching a movie” .

Perhaps Wilson was indicating that things aren’t all good underneath the facade of champagne and smiles shown while promoting Activision’s Bond gaming efforts.

Will James Bond 007 eventually die as a franchise without gaming? It seems that right now that is the $4 billion question. Director Phillip Noyce claims “It’s a business problem that will be solved, and then Bond will be back” but that remains to be seen. Others also claim that Bond will return and feel confident that there is nothing to be worried about calling the MGM situation a “hiccup”. What is certain right now is that nothing Bond is cleared for takeoff other than a GoldenEye 007 remake and Blood Stone 007. One of two things is certain, Activision will play a part in Bond’s revival, or Bond will end its long-lasting legacy with these two video games.

Check out the trailer for Blood Stone 007 after the break to see some of the espionage action expected to head to your next-generation console of choice this holiday season.


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