Janryumon Mobile Gets a Trailer, Shows An iPhone Game I Could Like.

Janryumon Mobile Gets a Trailer, Shows An iPhone Game I Could Like.

If you follow our weekly podcast (that this week was MIA Due to the fact that my American colleagues seem more keen on stuffing themselves on Thanksgiving than on ranting into a microphone), you know that I’m not keen on games on any kind of iDevice: iPhone, iPad, iWhatever. They normally are way inferior to their counterparts on any other platform, and most of the times the touch controls are more awkward than useful.

Looks like NCSoft published an iGame that I could definitely enjoy, and looking at the trailer that they just released (that you can see past the cut), is actually very appropriate for the touch-based control scheme: Janryumon Mobile.

If you have a keen interest in Asian cultures like I do, you probably know that finding a good Mahjong game in English is very hard (and if you don’t know, the pairs-like games in which you have to find matching tiles is Not Mahjong). Yakuza 2 and 4 kind of fill the gap, but the features and the AI aren’t the best, as Mahjong isn’t exactly the central element of the game. And it’s a pity, since it’s really a fantastic game.

Janyrumon Mobile is, instead, a full featured Mahjong game based on the massively successful  Janyrumon Online (available only in Japanese), and it comes in English, alongside a large bunch of other laguages. The best thing is that it also includes an extensive tutorial to help you learn the game, that isn’t exactly easy.

If you don’t have an iDevice, an Android version is coming soon. You can see the trailer below, and find the game here.