Japan Getting Uncharted Game Pack

Japan Getting Uncharted Game Pack

If it isn’t an RPG or a game regarding a metrosexual character, the Japanese aren’t really interested in it. They’re not too fond of Western games, from what Xbox 360 sales and Western-developed games have proved. How do I know? For one, the Uncharted series isn’t taken seriously over there – it has yet to convince Japanese gamers that an American dude – besides Hideo Kojima’s Solid Snake – is capable of being an awesome protagonist.

But the reason why the series isn’t as popular as it is over here has nothing to do with the games sucking (because we all know this isn’t true); the problem is that the Uncharted series is fairly new. The Japanese aren’t familiar or comfortable with it yet, so to speak. Either that, or they’re just not keen on picking up a sequel to a game they never played. So, to mediate the issue, Sony is now releasing an Uncharted pack which contains both Uncharted and Uncharted 2. Now they won’t have to worry about jumping in without getting their feet wet first, huh?

For those of you Japanese people who fear that the Uncharted games might suck, fear not, my fellow gamers! The series will satisfy your gaming appetites, unless you’re just into spiky-haired heroes that have an awkward interest for females. You won’t know until you play if, folks.

The Uncharted two-game pack will be price at ¥7,980 (US$87). The artistic goldish box comes with both Uncharted and Uncharted 2 and also comes packed with a crapload of entertainment, and a handful of hot girls for you nerds that have a thing for video game ass.