Japan Might Have to Wait until November for the Xbox One

Japan Might Have to Wait until November for the Xbox One

The release date of the Xbox One in Japan is still a mystery, alongside many other countries, but we might now have a hint on how long gamers in the archipelago of the Rising Sun might have to wait for Microsoft’s new console.

The first launch date of an Xbox One game has appeared on Famitsu’s upcoming releases list, and it’s Ubisoft’s Child of Light, slated for release on November 30th. The date is not the end of a fiscal quarter, so it doesn’t look like a placeholder, and Famitsu doesn’t really use placeholders anyway. In fact no other Xbox One game has a release date on the list.

In comparison, the PS4, Wii U, PS3 and Xbox 360 versions the same game will be released on May 1st. While this isn’t an official confirmation of the release date of the Xbox One, it’s very possibly a good indication.

The game will be released on all platforms at the same time worldwide as well (one day earlier than in Japan, on April 30th). The only plausible reason for an Xbox One release set in November is that Ubisoft expects the console to be released in Japan at that time.

We’ll have to see if said prediction will prove accurate, but considering that Microsoft has been very tight lipped about the issue so far, and we’re already in March, it’s definitely not unlikely. Considering that Japan has been marked as a Tier 2 country, other nations in the same tier might have to wait that long as well.