Japanese A-Hole Tries to Start WWIII by Destroying a Copy of 'The Last Story'

We here at DualShockers have been very excited about a possible US release of upcoming Wii title, The Last Story.

The hype across the internet over the last couple months proves that we’re not the only ones. Apparently someone in Japan took note of our excitement and videotaped himself destroying a copy of The Last Story. What a DICK. In fact, he will be hereafter referred to as Dick-San.

The youtube clip, which you can find after the jump, starts out innocently enough like any other unboxing video. Dick-San places the game box in front of the camera followed by the game’s soundtrack. The packaging is gorgeous, I must say. He proceeds to open the game case and tear the instruction manual to shreds. Then with a pair of scissors Dick-San cuts the game’s disc in half and then into quarters.

After the brutal display the video gets weird. Dick-San places some kind of Japanese dish over the debris and mashes some of it into the food with his hands. Hey, maybe he’s a cool guy and can only sustain himself on video games. Well, either way I’m not sure why he’s doing this. Disk-San has certainly got my attention at least. I’m not that bothered by it because someone had to pay for the game and that’s still a sale for Nintendo and Mistwalker.

Though if I hear he got the game for free I’m going to punch every Asian person I see in the face until I find Dick-San. I’ll start with Allen Park.

Check out the carnage here:

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Matthew Jay

Contributing writer for DualShockers, Matthew Jay is a comedy writer involved with the Philadelphia comedy scene. When he's not on stage trying to convince a room full of strangers to like him in under 3 minutes he likes to play and write about video games. Especially weird ones.

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