Watch Japanese Comedic Duo Play Undertale on Nintendo Switch

Japanese comedic duo Yoiko plays through the iconic opening of Undertale for Nintendo Switch in a fun and charming new video.

Japanese comedy duo Yoiko, known for playing through various videogames together, has recently tackled the Nintendo Switch version of the popular indie title Undertale in a new YouTube video. The gameplay video, posted just below, shows the two as they experience the opening section of the game:

After encountering the sub-boss Napstablook in the middle of the video, the two finish up with the Toriel boss fight (in which they choose to kill her) before meeting Flowey for the first time. I wonder if they’re aware of the multiple paths you can take in how you tackle each boss, which directly affects the ending of the game (and in the case of the Genocide ending, every subsequent playthrough).

Even though the video is in Japanese, it’s still worth a view as Yoiko has a surprising amount of chemistry and charisma that pierces through the language barrier. Not to mention it’s always fun to watch people play Undertale for the first time.

Yoiko is a Japanese comic duo from Osaka working for Shōchiku Geinō, the second largest comedy talent agency in Japan following Yoshimoto Kōgyō. They are known otaku, even appearing on a variety show cosplaying as Char Aznable and Amuro Ray from the original Gundam anime series and taking another comedic duo to Akihabara.

Naturally other fans have created some great content for the game recently, including Jack Black singing Megalovania in one of his Jablinski Games YouTube videos and a dedicated player recreating the iconic opening in Minecraft.

Undertale released for Switch back in September of last year and even got a beautiful Collector’s Edition. You can buy a copy of the game here.

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