Japanese Developers Takes on E3 Continue to Trickle In

Japanese Developers Takes on E3 Continue to Trickle In

Though E3 is a month behind us, comments and impression continue to come out. In an article in Famitsu, translated by Polygon, several Japanese developers gave us their takes on the future of gaming, console pricing, and other impressions. Akihiro Hino, President of Level 5, had some interesting statements on the pricing of the Xbox One and PS4.

The number-one surprise for me was the PS4’s price. I think anyone can look at that and think ‘This is cheap!’ Putting cutting-edge PC specs into a game machine that costs just a few hundred dollars really brings across how serious SCE is about this generation. I think the Xbox One is pretty cheap considering what you get with it as well, but with this PS4 price point, they’ll have to do something to oppose that. Looking at all the new media, it’s easy to see how console gaming is still the main entertainment space people work in. I can’t wait for the next generation to really spread out into households.

Toshihiro Nagoshi, creator of the Yakuza series, believes the Western games industry will soon face a “transition” period and was not too impressed with the showing.

The show floor seemed flooded with all of these franchise titles, and as a result nothing left that much of an impression on me. The Western market has continued to mature in a way, but personally I felt like it’s definitely about to face a transition period.

One of the most interesting quotes in my opinion was that of Takashi Iizuka, the creator of the Sonic series, who expressed his disappointment in the lack of games made for children.

I didn’t go around the entire show floor, but I felt like there were just a few titles aimed toward children. There was Nintendo, Disney and Sonic, and it felt like that was about it. Games targeted toward the core audience are important, of course, but being at the show made me really feel like I wanted to continue making games that kids would be interested in.