Japanese Gamers Have Been in Line for Hours to Get a PlayStation VR

Japanese Gamers Have Been in Line for Hours to Get a PlayStation VR

Lines in front of the most popular electronics stores in Tokyo are a familiar sight for those who have followed the Japanese gaming industry for a while. In the last few years, those lines have become shorter and shorter, and in many case didn’t even appear due to the spreading of pre-orders and online shopping.

Yet, some big launches for hardware and software still prompt Japanese gamers to line-up, and PlayStation VR is one of those, even if of course we aren’t going to see enormous crowds, especially considering the very limited supply.

People started to line up in front of the popular electronic store Yodobashi Akiba in Akihabara since before 3 AM, as shown in the pictures below, courtesy of Twitter user . The store opens at 9:30 AM.

A couple of hours ago (when it was about 5 AM), there were about 150 people lined up orderly, going around the corner towards the subway station, as shown by users  and .

About one hour later, the line was about 170 people long and just a few minutes ago (about 8 AM locally), it included roughly 200 gamers, as shown by user ツルミロボ.

While the line certainly isn’t as long as we used to see years ago, it’s certainly a decent turnaround, especially considering that it’s a weekday.

As a bonus, below you can see that Yodobashi Akiba is not the only place where people are already patiently waiting in line. The picture below by Twitter user ihsotih depicts the front of the store of the same retailer in Niigata.