Japanese Gamers Really Loved PS4’s Horizon: Zero Dawn, Dragon Quest Builders and More at TGS 2015

Japanese Gamers Really Loved PS4’s Horizon: Zero Dawn, Dragon Quest Builders and More at TGS 2015

Sony had a rich line-up at Tokyo Game Show, and its livestreams were watched by a quite relevant number of viewers. How did Japanese gamers like them? That’s actually quite easy to find out, as Nico Nico asks viewers to judge what they saw at the end of each broadcasts.

Let’s start with the conference:


This is the breakdown of the results:

  • It was very good: 78.0%
  • It was pretty good: 13.1%
  • It was average: 4.7%
  • It wasn’t very good: 1.1%
  • It was bad: 3.1%

A 91.1% positive rating is quite good, even if only 78% judged the conference “very good.”

The first day of broadcasts featured Dragon Quest Builders and Gran Turismo 6 with GT Academy:


  • It was very good: 85.2%
  • It was pretty good: 9.6%
  • It was average: 2.6%
  • It wasn’t very good: 0.5%
  • It was bad: 2.0%

The first livestream was definitely very well received, with a whopping 85% giving it top marks, and 94.8% positive ratings. Japanese gamers definitely love their Minecraft, and Dragon Quest Builders was quite evidently popular.

The second day of livestreams had a larger line-up: Street Fighter V, Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End, Destiny: The Taken King and God Eater Resurrection.


  • It was very good: 72.9%
  • It was pretty good: 19.2%
  • It was average: 5.0%
  • It wasn’t very good: 0.2%
  • It was bad: 2.6%

While the overall positive ratings of 92.1% was good, onlyv 72.9% gave this livestream top marks, showing a slightly cooler reaction.

The third and final day included Horizon: Zero Dawn, Bloodborne: The Old Hunters, Gravity Rush Remastered and Pro Evolution Soccer 2016.


  • It was very good: 83.1%
  • It was pretty good: 11.5%
  • It was average: 1.6%
  • It wasn’t very good: 1.0%
  • It was bad: 2.8%

The final broadcast more or less matched the first in terms of popularity 84.6% of the ratings were positive, and a large slice of those (83.1%) were top marks.

In conclusion, Japanese gamers (who make up the vast majority of Nico Nico users, and of those who can actually understand the poll), really loved the first and the third day of livestreams, including Horizon: Zero Dawn, Dragon Quest Builders, Bloodborne: The Old Hunters, PES 2016, Gravity Rush Remastered and GT Academy.

The reaction to the second day of broadcasts and to the press conference was a bit milder, but still very positive with over 90% of overall approvals.