Japanese Retailer Puts Wii U Bundle On Sale due to “End of Production by the Manufacturer” (UPDATED)

Japanese Retailer Puts Wii U Bundle On Sale due to “End of Production by the Manufacturer” (UPDATED)

Update: the sign most probably indicates the end of production of the “Family Premium Set,” which is indeed the bundle shown on the cart. The sign actually pinpoints the “Premium Set,” but the discrepancy may simply be due to the store not being very familiar with the difference.

So feel at ease, the Wii U itself isn’t going anywhere.

Original article follows:

Before you read the rest of this article, hold your horses, there’s probably an explanation for this all.

A sign appeared at a shop of the major Japanese electronics retailer Edion marking a Wii U bundle on sale due to “End of production by the Manufacturer.” You can see a couple pictures of the sign at the bottom of the post, shared by Twitter user Guppy.

The sign says: “Limited time sale due to end of production by the manufacturer. Limited stock available!!”

As I said before, there’s most probably an explanation for this, as the official Nintendo website shows no notice of any end of the production of the Wii U.

A very solid possibility is that Nintendo might be looking into discontinuing the current offer to sell a different bundle or simply the console without the bundle. Of course the shop could also be trying to get rid of its stock before Nintendo applies a price cut, or we could be witnessing the knee-jerk reaction of a store manager after the recent news on the axing of Nintendo’s sales forecast for this fiscal year. Finally, it could simply be a mistake.

At the moment we really don’t know for sure what this is about, but it’s definitely very strange, as Edion is a very large and respected retailer. That said we encourage you to take this with a large pinch of salt and consider it mostly a funny Sunday freak for now. Most probably it’s not what it looks like.

We’ll keep you posted if anything new surfaces on the issue, but I wouldn’t expect to see the Wii U as a console really going the way of the dodo any time soon.

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