Japanese Retailer: “Xbox One Day One Edition Sold Out in No Time;” Major Retailers Offer Discounts

Japanese Retailer: “Xbox One Day One Edition Sold Out in No Time;” Major Retailers Offer Discounts

The situations of pre-orders of the Xbox One in Japan is getting interesting. The manager of the popular independent retailer Games Ma-Ya, who is well known for giving information on her business via her blog, mentioned that the Day One edition sold out quickly at her shop.

Pre-orders of the Xbox One started today, and the limited Day One Edition Sold Out in no time.
Our regular Xbox customers have all chosen that option, and there aren’t enough units for them all.
Since the (limited edition) console is that good, consumers are neglecting the normal version.
In order to expand their presence in the Japanese market, I’d love Microsoft to provide more units of this generous limited edition.

It’s worth mentioning that she’s talking about her own business, and not the whole country, as Major retailers still have the console in stock. That’s not too surprising, as Xbox users in Japan has always been a niche, and smaller, independent retailers are popular between them, as they usually have deals and import games unavailable at bigger stores.

Interestingly, all the three biggest Japanese retailers, Yodobashi Camera, Big Camera and Amazon started offering discounts on all Xbox One products. All three currently have a 5% post-tax discount on all console SKUs, while Yodobashi and Bic offer a 10% discounts on games as well. Accessories are discounted between 5 and 10% depending on retailer.

This is a fairly interesting move on a product that was just put up for pre-order yesterday, and is probably aimed to keep up the momentum (the Day One version is still stable in 1st place on Yodobashi Camera and 2nd place on Amazon so it must be selling quite well) and to counter the negative effect of the increase of the consumption tax, which has brought a depression in video game sales.

Update: the translation has been replaced with a version more faithful to the original.