Japanese Retailers Are Optimistic About Pikmin 3 and Wii U’s Performance

Japanese Retailers Are Optimistic About Pikmin 3 and Wii U’s Performance

Yesterday we saw that Pikmin 3 did rather well in its first two days of sales in Japan, moving more than 92,000 copies and helping the Wii U sell over 22,000 units, but how do Japanese retailers feel about it, and is it going to last?

Famitsu interviewed a few representatives of local retailers, and they sound quite optimistic. Hisako Akiya of Games Ma-ya commented:

After the second half (of the week), Pikmin 3 drove sales after a long time (of not selling well). Many of the buyers had the Wii U already, but we also got new buyers as well. Old, familiar customers are coming to the store with their families, and the fact that these families (now) love Nintendo has shown the brand’s underlying strength. However, will the momentum continue continue as much as we think without stopping? Because this is a high quality title, we can expect good sales on the long run.

Hideyuki Kobayashi of Toy Duck Game had good things to say as well:

In the first weekend of its release Pikmin 3 has become popular. This was partially due to the commercial, and because of how well the previous game, Pikmin 2 for the Wii, sold. The popularity of the series was visible. The calm atmosphere that that was here for some time  has completely changed, which led to the Wii U’s titles being prominent on our charts.

It’s nice, after so much negativity, to hear something positive and optimistic about the Wii U and one of its titles. This is just the beginning of an uphill climb, though, and Nintendo needs to pull out all the big guns if it wants to completely steer the ship in the right direction. Hopefully they’ll manage to.