Japanese Store HORI Releases New PS3 Controller Specifically for Soccer Games

on December 6, 2013 10:24 AM

If you’re a huge fan of soccer games, then HORI, a Japanese console peripheral manufacturer, has just the controller for you. 4gamer recently released an in-depth review of HORI’s new PS3 controller called the Fantasista, specifically designed for soccer games:


The two analog sticks, for instance, features an octagon shape for an 8-way input, are not placed directly across from each other (which are design features also used for the Nintendo 64’s controller) and is much shorter than normal analog sticks., which allows for a harder stroke and very fast directional changes–both necessary when playing a soccer game.

Even more unique is the rear mounted mini-analog stick on the right side:


The additional stick does not control directional movement but instead corresponds to the [△ / ○ / × / □] buttons. Normally a player could not press the [△ / ○ / × / □] buttons at the same time, but with the extra right stick, this becomes possible.

Next is an additional trigger button (called the Function button) located on the back of the controller:


This lets players allocate a unique button function for the controller, such as an R3 or L3 button.

I must admit, this controller is pretty cool. You can look at the full gallery of the controller below.

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