Japanese Xbox One Exclusive Chaos;Child Flops in Japan; Fails to Make the Top 50

Japanese Xbox One Exclusive Chaos;Child Flops in Japan; Fails to Make the Top 50

The Xbox One isn’t really doing well in Japan, but one could say that until now there was no prominent Xbox One exclusive from the archipelago of the rising sun to push sales besides D4: Dark Dreams Don’t Die and Crimson Dragon. Last week .5pb and .Mages released Chaos;Child. 

Watching the Media Create Software charts you wouldn’t notice that the game has been released, and for good reason. Yesterday the data tracking firm released the top 20, and Chaos;Child was nowhere to be seen. Today they followed up with the top 50, and the game still isn’t there.

To see how the game did, we have to go check other charts. Tsutaya puts Chaos;Child in first and second place for Xbox One software (standard and limited edition), and Dengeki estimates a meager 1,415 units sold in its debut week, which also happens to be the heavy shopping week just before Christmas.

This is the first time that the series fails to make the top 50 (or even the top 20) on Microsoft’s consoles.  Chaos:Head Noah on Xbox 360 grabbed a dignified 12th place in 2009, while Chaos;Head – Love Chu Chu! ranked 13th the year after.

The series is quite popular in Japan, enough to generate manga and anime series, but this time around the poor sales of the Xbox One caused a rather striking flop.

.5pb and Producer Makoto Asada have been staunch supporters of the Xbox One in Japan since the beginning, announcing three exclusives for Microsoft consoles. PSYCHO-PASS: Psychopaths and Mistereet F are scheduled for release next year.

It’ll be interesting to see if the developer will revise its exclusivity plans in light of Chaos;Child‘s sales, or will place its hopes on the popularity of the PSYCHO-PASS anime to try and push more units on Microsoft’s console.