Japanese Xbox One Games Coming “One After the Other” in the Future

Japanese Xbox One Games Coming “One After the Other” in the Future

Microsoft seems quite serious about achieving a successful launch in Japan for the Xbox One, and many major local gaming websites are collaborating with the house of Xbox to open dedicated sub-sites including special pre-launch coverage.

Famitsu’s special site has a new interview with the local Xbox honcho Takashi Sensui, who was asked about upcoming Japanese games for the console:

Of course there will be. In the future titles made by domestic developers will come one after the other. After all, like  we said, we have kept you waiting. About the titles you really want us to deliver, while adjusting the pace just enough, we want to make them available.

Xbox Division head Phil Spencer definitely seems to be quite eager to see how the Xbox One will do in the archipelago of the rising sun, as he mentioned on Twitter.

We will be in Japan in September. Japan hasn’t always been the easiest market for us, will be good to launch and be at TGS.

Microsoft’s presence at Tokyo Game Show is always quite solid, and last year they achieved a lot of attention with Titanfall. It’ll be interesting to see what they’ll bring this year. Izumi-san definitely seems confident.

[Translation: Griffin Tatum]