Javelin Glitch: There and Gone!

By Brendan Ecock

December 11, 2009

In Modern Warfare 2, as you turn a corner running towards you with a Javelin missile in their hand, you say to yourself “easy target”. As the bullets fly and pierce through his body, he falls to the floor, you feeling good just for a split second, when boom, you automatically blow up. You then wondered what the fuck was that as you reviewed it in the kill cam, as it was the Javelin fucker who found some way to explode the missile upon death, killing everyone near him. It’s like a “if I go down, I’m taking you down with me” type of event. Once people found out about this, people started to use this technique also, and not just a few people, but many. Today, hopefully, Infinity Ward’s Robert Bowling announced that there is an update for MW2 fixing that glitch. Hazzah!

Finally I have a reason to go back to that game. No more cheap kills, well at least it is a start to that. And to all you fuckers that used that glitch, good news for the people who didn’t. Rumors are flying around that Microsoft are banning users that were using the glitch to their heart’s content. Oh how sweet justice tastes. Also there is supposedly a care package update with the patch, but I’ll find out more when I get one. Finally Infinity Ward is fixing their mistakes.

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