Jazzpunk PlayStation 4 Trophies Include Platinum, Even Distribution of Gold, Silver, Bronze

The full trophy list for Jazzpunk on PlayStation 4 has been revealed thanks to PSN Profiles.

There are twenty-five trophies total, split between a platinum, seven gold, eight silver, and nine bronze. The trophy list matches the Steam Achievements, with the addition of the Platinum trophy, “The End: Now go outside.” Each trophy requires a specific action to be done, and the Steam Achievements are quite common, with 30% of tracked players earning all of them according to tracking site Exophase.

You can find the full trophy list below, and look forward to Jazzpunk releasing this Tuesday, September 20, 2016.


  • The End: Now go outside


  • Verbal Morality Statute: Dial various four letter words into the Nippon Telnet phone terminal
  • Insurance Premiums Increase: Shatter all vases in the shop
  • Heroine Chic: Apply lipstick VERY generously to your face
  • Exume To Consume: Discovered all of the artifacts buried in sand
  • Essense of Pigeon: Spray 3 people with pheromones
  • But She Can Fly…: Win a round of pillow fight
  • Bloody Mary On The Rocks: Serve a bloody mary


  • Spongliform Encephalopathy: Consume one brain steeped sandwich
  • Hasselhoff In A Pinch: Rescue the drowning man in the swimming pool
  • Face Infectors: Defeat a microscopic squadron of bacteriophage
  • DJ Polyblank: Scratch two compact disc records
  • Data mole: Smuggle a carrier pigeon into the next level
  • Breaking The Mold: Consume vast quantities of jelly to fulfill ethical responsibilities
  • Around The World In 80 Puns: Visit all travel destinations in the world
  • A Kissenger For All Seasons: Get kissed by an unhygienic individual on two separate occasions


  • Serious Degaussing Skills: Degauss 4 undercover agents in the park
  • Saliva Surrogate: Assist a saliva deficient individual by fulfilling their stationary needs
  • Polyplegic: Land awkwardly while diving at the pool
  • Long Distance Charges: Explore the rotary phone menu options
  • Jacques Voyeur: Room Explorer: Explore other guest rooms at the resort
  • Don’t Get Involved: Kiss 3 people while wearing lipstick
  • Conversationalist: Talk to 3 inanimate cardboard boxes
  • Clean As A Whistle: Find and utilize a bidet
  • Above And Beyond The Spider of Duty: Collect all 8 spiders in the restaurant
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