Jedi: Fallen Order Improves Accessibility Through Free Content Patch

Accessibility changes have arrived at long last.

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order yesterday announced a new free update that brings a plethora of content as part of the unofficial Star Wars holiday, May 4. While we’ve detailed the specific content that’s added to the game, such as additional challenges, Journey+, and more, but there are also some accessibility improvements that make the game more accessible for those who may need the changes.

In the patch notes, Respawn Entertainment states, “Accessibility is something we really care about.” However, the game post-launch wasn’t received well by players who found the game hard to navigate. Accessibility-focused website, Can I Play That? scored the game low for its navigation and quick-time events. It seems CIPT and other feedback helped Respawn realize where they needed to improve things.

The patch notes continue, “At the core of every Respawn game, we want them to feel good to play, and we want them to feel good for every kind of gamer.” The way the studio has done this is by implementing the following accessibility options.

Sequences that require button-mashing QTEs are now available to skip, and players now climb without having to hold the climb button. Holding a button to confirm or interact with something can now be changed to a button press, and text size scaling options have been added for better readability. To list those:

  • Option for button-mashing quick-time events to be skipped
  • Needing to hold the Climb button can now be disabled
  • Holding a button to confirm/interact with something can be changed to a button press
  • Text size scaling options have been added

Senior games researcher, James Burg at EA Vancouver confirmed that part of the feedback they took on board was from CIPT. Respawn seems to be wanting to improve the accessibility in all its games, which would probably be a good idea considering how sparse the official EA accessibility overview website for Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order is.

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