Mass Effect Voice Actor Jennifer Hale Reacts to Legendary Edition Trailer

Mass Effect Voice Actor Jennifer Hale Reacts to Legendary Edition Trailer

FemShep voice actor Jennifer Hale shared a teary reaction after watching the recent trailer for Mass Effect Legendary Edition.

The upcoming Mass Effect Legendary Edition is likely to get fans’ emotions stirred with its release this May. After its release date was confirmed this week, fans will likely be eager to jump back into the acclaimed trilogy to play through them again. Notably, this includes one of the game’s most recognizable faces and voices, Jennifer Hale.

After the release of the trailer for Mass Effect Legendary Edition, actress Jennifer Hale shared her response to the striking new trailer. As the voice actress for the female model of Shepard (aka “FemShep”), she didn’t hold back her emotions. The trailer clearly struck a chord with Hale with plenty of tears, as she mentioned being “so moved” by the trilogy’s return and seeing her character on-screen again.

You can check out her video from Twitter below:

Given that fans are attached to the characters of Mass Effect, it’s fitting to see that the cast are also emotional to see them come back. Aside from FemShep, we’ll also see plenty of fan favorites make their return in the Legendary Edition, including Miranda, Thane, Jacob, Grunt, and many others.

As the trailer revealed, the Mass Effect Legendary Edition will collect all three of the original titles together. The collection will feature enhanced visuals and resolution alongside a number of new features. Additionally, the collection will also include over 40 pieces of DLC from each of the three mainline games. This collection will make it a great entry point for new players and give longtime fans the chance to play through the trilogy again.

Mass Effect Legendary Edition will release for PS4, Xbox One, and PC on May 14, 2021. The collection will also be playable on PS5 and Xbox Series X|S.