Jett: The Far Shore Has Been Delayed to Sometime in 2021

Jett: The Far Shore Has Been Delayed to Sometime in 2021

After its announcement in June, developer Superbrothers has announced the delay of Jett: The Far Shore for PS4, PS5, and Epic Games Store.

In a statement from Superbrothers HQ, the upcoming Jett: The Far Shore has been delayed to 2021.

“JETT: THE FAR SHORE is now fixin’ to deploy in 2021 on PlayStation consoles and PC on the Epic Games Store. Hectic times, so we’ve revised our trajectory,” said Superbrothers HQ. “It’ll be stellar, when it alights.”

The game was announced back in June during PlayStation’s Future of Gaming showcase. In addition to Jett: The Far Shore, we also got a look at other indie games such as Bugsnax, Solar Ash, and Goodbye Volcano High. For those that don’t know, Jett has you playing as Mei, an explorer embarking on an intergalactic trip across a planet in order to find a sanctuary to and extinction.

“The JETT squad has been moved and motivated by the love, curiosity and support directed our way,” continued Superbrothers. “We’re glad to report we’ve come a long way in a brief while, and that JETT is shaping up to be something pretty special.”

This isn’t the only game delay we’ve gotten recently. We recently found out that Kena: Bridge of Spirits, a game also announced during the Future of Gaming Showcase, has also been delayed to 2021. With both games appearing during that event, it’s possible both titles would’ve launched alongside the PlayStation 5. Besides PS5 titles, it’s been announced that No More Heroes 3 has been delayed to 2021 too. While it sucks we won’t get these games till next year, 2021 is shaping up to be a great year for games, both big and small.

Jett: The Far Shore launches sometime in 2021 on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and the Epic Games Store. If you’re curious about the game, you can watch its announcement trailer below. As we get more updates on the game and other titles coming to the PS5, we’ll be sure to let you know.