Jihl Nabaat to Fight in Final Fantasy XIII-2 Coliseum

on February 12, 2012 2:40 PM

Square-Enix is not content to pit its gladiators against random charioteers and caged tigers in its coliseum; they leave that to experts like Joaquin Phoenix (who I like to imagine holds gladiatorial matches in his backyard in real life). Final Fantasy XIII-2 players have more unique opponents on their hands, and recently leaked screenshots of PSICOM Commander Jihl Nabaat suggest that she’ll be next to step into the ring.

While Jihl was somewhat underutilized in FFXIII, much like the Turks’ Tseng in FFVII, she promises to be a worthy opponent in XIII-2’s coliseum.

Jihl Nabaat to Fight in Final Fantasy XIII-2 Coliseum

Square-Enix has not yet given a release date for the DLC pack with Jihl, nor have they divulged whether, like Lightning and Master Sergeant Amodar, she will become playable after defeating her. As always, we’ll keep you posted when official word comes out.

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