Sony’s Jim Ryan Talks PlayStation Neo vs Xbox Scorpio Power Difference: Just Rumors and Speculation

Sony’s Jim Ryan Talks PlayStation Neo vs Xbox Scorpio Power Difference: Just Rumors and Speculation

There has been a lot of talk about PlayStation Neo, the upcoming mid-generation evolution of the PS4,  especially in relation to the competition against Microsoft’s Project Scorpio. Sony Interactive Entertainment Europe President Jim Ryan talked about that and more in an interview on the French site JeuxVideo.

First of all, Ryan clarified why Sony decided to confirm PlayStation Neo before E3, without actually unveiling the console officially at the show. He mentioned that there were many rumors about it, so they wanted to clarify the situation, but at the same time they had a very clear vision of what they wanted to show at the press conference, and that was to focus on games. On top of that, Sony believed that the official unveiling of PlayStation Neo should actually include showing the applications and advantages of the console, and it was too early for that.

Ryan also clarified once more that there won’t be any games exclusives for PlayStation Neo. He then mentioned that Sony’s objective for the future is simply to enlarge more and more the installed base of the PS4.

Incidentally, he explained that it would be very logical to sell a bundle with a PS4 and PlayStation VR; but the strategy still needs to be defined there, and discussed with the distribution partners.

Last, but not least, Ryan was asked about the rumored two teraFLOPS difference in computing power between PlayStation Neo and Microsoft’s Project Scorpio: he explained that talking in those terms is just repeating rumors and engaging in speculation, mentioning that when Sony will actually announce the specs for PlayStation Neo, then it’ll be possible to have a more detailed conversation on the topic.

The interview ended with Ryan having a big laugh when asked if the rumors were true. It’ll certainly be interesting to see whether PlayStation Neo’s specs will match the rumors, or if we’re in for a surprise. I wouldn’t be excessively surprise to see Sony push the spec higher to maintain the status quo, but again, this is all speculation. We’ll have to wait and see.