Jimi Hendrix Album To Be Released Next Week as Rock Band DLC

By Yaris Gutierrez

March 25, 2010

Smile like a donut, Hendrix. Smile like a donut.

Everyone and their mother should know who Jimi Hendrix is – the man was nothing short of a god with a guitar. Hendrix, by many, is considered to be one of the most influential – and by many considered the greatest guitarist in the history of rock music – musicians to grace his era. Even today, amongst guitar legends, Hendrix is still viewed in awe as folks genuinely admire his fingers making sweet love to the strings of his electric guitar. Being that the man was such a huge influence in rock, it was a only a matter of time before he joined the ranks of legends in Rock Band.

Rolling Stone announced that on the week of March 30, the entire Jimi Hendrix Experience album Axis: Bold as Love will be released as DLC for Rock Band. I’m guessing that if I thought some of the songs in Rock Band would give me carpal tunnel, then anything Hendix might just cripple my hands.

To be added to the mix  of DLC is a previously unreleased single, “Valleys of Neptune,” from a new CD of the same name. So, you’ll not only being performing ridiculously difficult Jimi Hendrix solos in Rock Band, but you’ll also being playing a song that’s never been heard before until now. All I have to say is that if you really enjoy the use of your hands at this point, avoid playing anything Jimi Hendrix-related on Expert. “It’s a whole new level of difficulty unto itself,” MTV Games’ Paul DeGooyer said. “The thing about these tracks is if you’re a Hendrix fan you know that really what powered that vibe is that he kind of just closed his eyes and flowed from his fingers, and we really tried very hard, especially on the expert level, to recreate that effect.”

In the future expect some more Hendrix stuff to drop for Rock Band. A long term agreement between Experience Hendrix and MTV, which includes the release of other Hendrix albums, has been set in stone. But you can’t playing Hendrix without some of his threads, right? That’s why in addition to the release of DLC, players will also have the option to make Hendrix avatars and instruments available in the game. Although a dedicated release hasn’t been established using Jimi Hendrix music as was done with The Beatles, both companies are open to an eventual production.

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I’m thinking about going out to the costume store to get me a 20 inch afro, a hippie-headband, some custom-made bell-bottoms, and maybe borrow a ruffled shirt from Prince. If I’m going to attempt playing any Jimi Hendrix, I want to get the entire experience. Of course, I won’t do any, you know, mind-altering substances in this case.

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