JJ Abrams' Bad Robot Launches Their Own In-House Game Studio

JJ Abrams' Bad Robot has formed its own internal game development studio. They've brought on Left 4 Dead's Michael Booth as general manager.

December 11, 2020

In a report from Venture Beat, JJ Abrams’ Bad Robot has launched its own in-house game studio. The new studio has also hired Left 4 Dead creator Michael Booth as a general manager.

“We were able to put them on a couple of really cool projects back in the day, and I’ve always been a fan of the team,” she said. “Getting to come on board and think how to leverage their amazing creative talent is just an incredible opportunity,” said Anna Sweet, CEO of Bad Robot Games. “For me, the worlds that Bad Robot builds are very big and expansive. You can just imagine so many different stories playing out in those worlds, and not just the ones that we just get to see in film or television.”


Based in Santa Monica, Sweet will manage deals with external partners on projects while also managing projects developed internally. Bad Robot Games will also work alongside Bad Robot’s film and TV divisions on the companies own franchises. Additionally, they’ll work on content that can be enjoyed across multiple entertainment mediums. Meanwhile, Booth will bring on developers to the team and lead them on future projects. These upcoming games will be triple-A titles for PC and consoles.

“We want to build worlds that are expansive, and can cross-media but don’t necessarily start in film or TV,” continues Sweet. “They could start as games. We just want to build big immersive worlds. We also want to build games that are as fun to watch as they are to play. Bad Robot has a long history of making things people love to watch. And so we want to bring that expertise to building games as well.”

Bad Robot was founded in 2001 by JJ Abrams, who’s on franchises like Star Wars, Star Trek, and Lost. Back in 2018, Bad Robot entered game development with a deal between Tencent and Warner Brothers. Bad Robot is the latest major entertainment company to form its own studio since Amy Henig joined Skydance last year to form their own game studio.


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