DualShockers is the brainchild of two passionate gamers from New York City. At DualShockers, you will only read real gamer news, real gamer reviews, and real gamer editorials. All of which will be garnished with some good ol’ fashioned New York City attitude. We want to provide a unique and diverse perspective on this industry while continuing to inspire gamers to love and enjoy gaming without the necessity of negativity and flamebait.

Please see below for our current job openings.

DualShockers values honest and unbiased writers who write what they feel in a professional and creative manner. Applicants must have a sheer obsession/love of gaming, and a great conversational writing voice. A mild dose of psychological disorders is also welcomed as sanity won’t be too much of your companion in this business.

If you’re unsure how to structure an article for publication, don’t worry we’ll help you work through it. Some of our best editorials have been collaborative efforts!

The position is non-paying but if, after a month, you show that you’ve got the chops, you’ll be provided the opportunity to receive games to review, be invited to partake in exclusive access at conventions, and, depending on your location, go to gaming events in your city.

You want to the world to know your thoughts about gaming and related tech? We’re here to help you be the best! We’ve had writers go on to work at some major gaming companies and publications, so this is the place to start.

Join us at DualShockers!


  • Knowledge of games and the gaming industry. To talk about it, you must be familiar with it.
  • A strong emphasis in English grammar (e.g. can spell and use punctuation accordingly).
  • You have a passionate attitude toward the industry we’re covering. You have to want to be here and want to be writing about an industry you love.
  • You’ll need to have the ability to take assignments from a staff of senior editors, whether it be simple news or a far-reaching editorial.
  • We’re here to help you be the best writer you can be! So the ability to take constructive criticism and use that to improve both yourself and your writing is needed.
  • Journalism and/or video production experience is a plus, but not necessary.
  • Knowledge of WordPress and/or video editing is an extra plus!


  • Coverage over a three-hour time period per weekday or weekend (willing to work with your schedule).
  • Fulfill review requirements and other assignments on schedule.
  • Should be able to self promote through social media outlets.
  • Additional projects as needed.

Please send your application to the following e-mail: jobs[at]dualshockers[dot]com. Include a bit about yourself, why you would make a good fit as a staff writer on our site, links to your work and, if applicable, a résumé.