Joetsu’s PS Vita Accessory with R2 and L2 Triggers for PS4 Remote Play Coming to the U.S. Via Amazon

Joetsu’s PS Vita Accessory with R2 and L2 Triggers for PS4 Remote Play Coming to the U.S. Via Amazon

Previously hard to find accessories for PS Vita 1000 and 2000 adding R2 and L2 triggers for more comfortable PS4 remote play will be sold in the United States directly by the manufacturer.

The Japanese manufacturer Joetsu Electronic Industries has been rather successful on the local market with its PS Vita grips that add R2 and L2 triggers for a more comfortable use of PS4 remote play. As a matter of fact, they’ve been so successful that they had to resort to a crowdfunding campaign to increase production.

Unfortunately, availability in the west has always been spotty, since Joetsu never officially released the grip outside of Japan.

Yet, things are going to change. Joetsu reached out with a press release, announcing that the company is going to sell the grips directly for both the PCH-2000 and the PCH-1000 models  of PS Vita in the United States via the Amazon marketplace.

The listings should go up over the next few days, and the manufacturer mentions that it already has previous experience of shipping to the U.S. thanks to the other segments of its business.

The success of Joetsu’s PS Vita grips is a quite interesting story, considering that the company isn’t really a gaming accessory manufacturer. Its core businesses are LED lighting, hydroponic agriculture and similar hi-tech products, but the PS Vita grip was born as a passion project of one of one of the managing directors, who also happens to be a passionate gamer.

The grip itself works by transmitting static energy from your fingers to the back pad of the PS Vita via conductive rubber, and it provides a much better tactile sensation than the touch pad itself.

While the PS Vita has been struggling to find its niche in the past few years, especially in the west, there definitely are still fans of Sony’s portable console out there, and they might welcome a chance to use it alongside their PS4 more comfortably.