Joggernauts Adds Guest Characters from Bit.Trip Runner, Runbow, West of Loathing

Guest characters from other indie runner games are heading to Joggernauts, arriving from Bit.Trip Runner, Runbow, and West of Loathing.

This holiday season, co-op runner game Joggernauts is paying homage to some indie games that came before it. Added to the mix are Commander Video from the Bit.Trip series, Hue and Val from Runbow, and Cowpoke from West of Loathing. Everyone is here.

For those who have played those games, their respective characters should feel right at home in Joggernauts, especially since Commander Video and the Runbow folks already have careers in running. Cowpoke, in particular, looks like a fun character, with their monochromatic color scheme and hand-drawn style being reflected in the stage obstacles based on the character.

In addition to those new characters, the Steam and Switch game is adding three new levels. These don’t add the collectible trophies that Joggernauts is fixated on, but rather unlockable characters to rescue.

A few quality-of-life updates also come with this new content. While players were able to modify the gameplay, from the speed of the game to the number of hearts that player share, they will now be able to make these modifications in the pause menu rather during gameplay. Sessions will have to restart to the last checkpoint, but it’s a quicker fix than having to quit the game altogether.

One of my points for my review of the game was that some sections were just too damn difficult to be fun—it seems as though the developer has taken note of that. While a press release from publisher Graffiti Games doesn’t go into intense detail, it does promise that mechanical changes have been made to make certain portions of the game a little easier.

You can revisit our review of Joggernauts here. If you need a new, difficult co-operative game for the holidays in which you yell at your loved ones, you can purchase the game through Steam or for the Switch.

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