John Daly Takes Center Stage in John Daly's Pro Stroke Golf

By Jon Ireson

May 20, 2010

John “the Lion” Daly will be the star of John Daly’s ProStroke Golf. The comeback of acclaimed controls from the ProStroke franchise aims to provide players with a never-before-seen sense of realism in golf gaming. John Daly as a golfer symbolizes control, precision, and power in the same way that ProStroke aims to wow players away from the other golf games heading to market, and he is known for his personality giving the game an instant identity. This title is expected to release in October of 2010 for PC, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360. Check out what the Professional Golf Association legend himself had to say about the upcoming game and its competition and catch a glimpse of his swing in action.

John Daly seems to fully understand the sports video games market. He is aware that the industry has seen most of the audience for golf sports games lean in one particular direction, but remains confident ProStroke has something unique to offer. The game even features licensed PGA courses that John Daly has played on. Hopefully when we all get a chance to actually play John Daly’s ProStroke Golf we will all be as excited as the man himself. Here are his words on the matter.

For too long, the golfing genre has been dominated by one franchise, but with ProStroke Golf’s great game play, control and realism, that’s all about to change. I’ve had the time of my life gripping and ripping it on the PGA Tour, and now gamers everywhere can see what it’s like to step into the Lion’s Den and bomb it down the fairway!

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