John Daly's ProStroke Golf Dev Diary: Lead Designer

I have played my fair share of golf games, from Arnold Palmer Tournament Golf on the Sega Genesis to the Tiger Woods PGA Tour series, and based on that experience it is my opinion that John Daly’s ProStroke Golf for the PlayStation 3 and Move peripheral is shaping up to be a title golf fans and sports gamers in general should pay attention to. In the latest developer diary featuring the Lead Designer of the title the detail of the game is talked about again. This time we hear about the character models, courses of the game (which are all in one static landscape just like real-life golf courses), and the ease of use for beginners in amateur mode as well as supreme control in higher difficulty settings is talked about.

We even get a taste of something special in regards to the map editor, seeing first hand how courses are made in a quick glimpse, and the Lead Designer lets us know that there will be a future version of the game (possibly meaning a sequel) and this will feature a user-friendly map editor capable of allowing courses to be uploaded and shared among the community. Even without this feature present, the current iteration of John Daly’s ProStroke Golf is looking great and definitely worthy of going head to head with the competition. It’s great to see another player enter the golf simulation genre.

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