Doom Co-creator John Romero Has a Design for Quake-style Shooter

John Romero, the man behind some of the most influential shooters ever created, has a design for a retro-style FPS; also, he likes Doom (2016).

John Romero — the guy behind influential shooters such as Doom and Quake — may be busy with his strategy game Empire of Sin, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t have plans to potentially go back to his roots. The founder of Romero Games has stated that they currently have a design for a first-person shooter in the stylings of Doom and Quake.

During a recent Reddit AMA with Romero on r/pcgaming (via GameRevolution), user CoreAffinity asked, “How do you feel about the new Doom series, and would you ever create a new FPS in the likeness of Quake?” In response to the first question, Romero says, “I really like the new Doom (2016) and from what I can see of Eternal, it’s going to be a winner as well.” I mean, what fool doesn’t like Doom (2016), am I right?

His response to the second question is a bit vague but is still exciting for fans of 90s style shooters. “And yes,” Romero confirms, “I do have a design for an FPS in the style of Doom/Quake.” There isn’t much else to gather from his response. Also, when asked when the shooter would release by Reddit user pawelpiotr4444, Romero simply responded, “It’s done when it’s done,” ending with a winky face emoji.

Obviously, it won’t specifically be a Doom or Quake game, as both franchises are still under the id Software banner. It could be Blackroom, a first-person shooter Romero and Adrian Carmack kickstarted back in 2016. However, Romero confirmed in the AMA that there is no new information about the game right now.

It can also be concluded that it will not be a Daikatana remake as someone asked about that during the AMA session. Because of how “reviled” Daikatana was when it released, Romero believes finding a publisher would be rather difficult. “Even though it’s been 20 years, the stigma hasn’t gone away,” says Romero of 2000 release. “There are many people who love the game and ask me about this, but there’s no publisher that would pay for a sequel or remake (that I know of). I guess we will just have to wait and see.

The last time Romero entered the shooting space was with Sigil, a free megawad that requires a registered copy of the original Doom. It takes place after E4M8 and before Doom 2. It is free, but special boxed editions of the megawad were purchasable.

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