John Wick Hex is a New Strategy Action Game Featuring the Iconic Film Character

Bithell Games and Good Shepard Entertainment have teamed up to make a new hyper-stylized game based on John Wick.

Ahead of the release of John Wick: Chapter 3 –Parabellum in theaters later this month, a new video game featuring the iconic action movie protagonist has been announced.

John Wick Hex is a new strategy action game that is being developed by Bithell Games and published by Good Shepard Entertainment. Mike Bithell, the game’s director, has previously worked on hits such as VolumeThomas Was Alone, and Subsurface Circular. As of now, John Wick Hex has been announced to arrive on PC and Mac via the Epic Games Store. The game will also be coming to consoles, but specifics of which platforms have yet to be given.

As for how John Wick Hex will play, it is described as “fight-choreographed chess brought to life as a video game.” Rather than creating a John Wick game that just sees you mindlessly blowing away enemies, John Wick Hex will force you to think quickly and plan out your moves to progress through levels. John Wick’s actions in the game will also reflect his movements that you see in the films.

A story mode will also be present in John Wick Hex and you’ll be able to unlock additional weapons and suits as you progress. Utilizing different weapons in a level will also drastically change how you approach the scenario. Ammo will also be finite, so you’ll have to be timing your reloads properly and making sure you have enough bullets for a certain situation.

Below you can check out the first official trailer for John Wick Hex in addition to some screenshots. As of this writing, a release window for the game hasn’t been provided.

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