John Wick Hex Developers Comment On Why The Title Didn't Work as a Turn-Based Game

Two developers of John Wick Hex, Mike Bithell and Nic Tringali, revealed the reason behind changing the game from a turn-based title.

After demoing the game to DualShockers at E3 2019, the developers behind the upcoming strategy game John Wick Hex revealed that the game was originally pitched and envisioned as a traditional, turn-based strategy game.

For those that don’t know, John Wick Hex is more of a real-time strategy game, with an action timeline on the top of the screen that pauses and starts gameplay based on different actions. This, in turn, allows the game to feel more like the movies. According to Mike Bithell, the studio head behind the game’s developer Bithell Games, the original version of the game didn’t really capture the spirit of the fast-paced movies because it utilized a different system.

“It was XCOM with one character and it sucked,” said Bithell, during an interview with DualShockers. “It was the worst version of what you imagine when you think of a John Wick strategy game. It was slow, it was deliberate, and you’d do your move and then you’d watch as five guys would just take turns to shoot John.”

Nic Tringali, the co-designer and lead programmer for John Wick Hex at Bithell Games, agreed that this version of the game didn’t feel right for what was presented in the movies and explained the importance of the “timelines” in this version. “It doesn’t really feel right even though all the moves are there, the look is there…it doesn’t feel suited to what’s going on in the movies,” said Tringali. “So [we] pulled that out and went ‘ok, you have actions and it’s all on this timeline system.’ The most important thing is everyone is always doing something while you’re doing it…so that’s the fast-paced action of it…While the whole game will stop and pause and let you do your own thing, as soon as you hit go again, it’s full speed.”

While John Wick Hex wasn’t available for the public to try at E3 2019, multiple press outlets were able to get their hands on it. The game was able to bring home a ton of awards, including DualShockers “Best Strategy Game” Award.

John Wick Hex is set to be released sometime in the near future and will be available on PC and consoles. An exact date and list of platforms have not yet been announced.

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