Someone Created A John Wick NES Game

Someone Created A John Wick NES Game

A developer created an NES style John Wick game and to no surprise, it is really difficult to beat.

Keanu Reeves has been no stranger to the internet for the last few years. He has appeared in Fortnite. He rocked the world when he was introduced at E3 in Cyberpunk 2077. He even became a popular meme when he called everyone in the audience breathtaking (me, I was there) during the reveal. Well, his stardom has even brought someone to create a short John Wick NES game that you can play for free.

First noticed by PC Gamer, the game, simply named John Wick, was developed by MuriloDev and uploaded to The game is relatively short but will take players through some of the iconic scenes from the movie. It also captures the intense difficulty you would find in some classic NES games.

Part of the difficulty comes from there being no continues. If you die, it’s game over. No more lives. No one-up shrooms. If you are a fan of the series as well as a fan of classic Nintendo games like Ninja Gaiden or other brutal titles, make sure to give this short game a try. It is very difficult, but not impossible to finish.

This isn’t the first John Wick game we have seen. Mike Bithell is developing John Wick Hex, a strategy title that is looking to channel the creative fight scenes found in the movies. For more coverage, check out DualShockers’ preview of the game from when we were at E3.