Catch Every Single Johto Pokemon in Adorable Plushie Form (PokeBall Not Included)

Catch Every Single Johto Pokemon in Adorable Plushie Form (PokeBall Not Included)

All 100 Johto Pokemon are now available for purchase -- in plush toy form that is!

Have you ever wanted to own all 100 Johto Pokemon in plush toy form? Well your hypothetical prayers have been answered, as these adorable generation 2 pocket monsters will be available for purchase on June 8th at the official Pokemon Center in Japan.

But, you say, I don’t live in Japan and will miss out on these cute critters. No need to worry, as online importer Sunnyshore Pokemart is currently accepting preorders for the plushies and will begin shipping out orders right after the merchandises’ release. What’s interesting about this online retailer is that it purchases merch from the Pokemon Center located in Japan and ships it around the world. A pretty cool service for those without the means to buy these items themselves.

Each plush doll runs $20 each so, including every variant of Unown, the full set would run you about $2,540 total. I think that’s a fair price to pay.

But if you don’t have the money now or are unsure about purchasing any of them now, the original Kanto plush toy set eventually found its way to Amazon Japan, so there’s a good chance that will happen again.

There have been a slew of other Pokemon merch, such as an Eevee Tamagotchi and a PokeBall-shaped toy that sports a built-in guessing game.

Pokemon Sword and Shield was announced for Nintendo Switch during a Nintendo Direct in February. You can check out the extensive amount of screenshots, artwork, and the trailer featuring the new region and starter Pokemon.

Meanwhile a contest was held for fans to name the strongest steel-type move. The move is described as a special attack, with 140 attack power. It deals heavy damage to the enemy but also cuts in half the current HP of the one using it.

Pokemon Sword and Shield are slated to release later this year. You can preorder the games here and here.

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