Join the DualShockers Discord Channel!

Join the DualShockers Discord Channel!

Ahoy there, DualShockers reader! It’s your friendly-neighborhood Community Director again, inviting you to join us on the official DualShockers Discord!

At DualShockers, we’re always interested in talking to you guys. Whether that’s through giveaways, Community Playdates or just plain casual meetups! We’re always working behind the scenes to help everyone be a part of DualShockers!

These are just a few of the topics we love to discuss on the DualShockers Discord:

  • Games
  • Movies
  • Anime (sorta. We have our moments.)
  • Board games
  • Destiny (we know it’s a game, but we made a separate channel and everything)
  • Generic all-around nerdy good times

Come join us to casually talk about the games we love, hate and think are overrated. You know, good ol’ fashioned nerd talk! We look forward to talking with you all!

To join us, click on this link:

(Note: We are working on adding a Discord button to the site, so please be patient.)

Please make sure that you download and read our Discord Guidelines beforehand