How to Join the Official DualShockers Clan in Destiny 2

How to Join the Official DualShockers Clan in Destiny 2

Clans are shaping up to be a much bigger deal in Destiny 2 than they were in the original game. These groups are a great way to find fellow Guardians to play alongside during Strikes, Crucible and the upcoming Raid.

More importantly, when Clans work together, we all earn more loot! The more the members play, the better the rewards.

It absolutely pays to be a part of an active Clan in Destiny 2. Clans like the official DualShockers Clan, for example!

How Do I Join?

Good question! Unfortunately, joining a Clan can be slightly confusing. Searching for clans is a disjointed mess via Bungie’s official site. They may smooth out this process later, but here is the easiest way to join our Clan:

Step 1: Click the Link

For the DualShockers clan, click here:

Step 2: Join Up, Guardian!

Register your Xbox or PlayStation account with Bungie, if you haven’t. Then simply click “Join Clan on Xbox Live” or “Join Clan on PlayStation Network.” Feel free to join both if you’re double dipping.

We’ll receive your request and let you in!

Step 3: Pick Up Your Banner from Hawthorne

This is another vaguely confusing part of the process. It frankly could use a more prominent alert in-game.

You can’t be in the Clan if you don’t have your “banner” item! Go visit Hawthorne to get your official Clan banner. She’s the Clan faction vendor. When you earn rewards, she’ll be the one doling them out!

That’s it! Now come help us chase those purple engrams!