Joker 2: Will Arthur Fleck Finally Face Batman?

Todd Phillips will be returning as co-writer for Joker 2, but will the sequel finally let Arthur Fleck come face to face with Batman?

The 2019 film presented a darker version of the Clown Prince of Crime through Phillips’ unique vision and Joaquin Phoenix’s stellar performance.

Joker stood independently from the DCEU and many believed it would remain as a one-off show, but whispers of a sequel with Phoenix on board soon surfaced.

Batman: Three Jokers | Official Trailer

Batman: Three Jokers | Official Trailer

Where did Joker end?

Spoilers Ahead

Arthur Fleck had a triumphant finale after his descent into madness, where Robert De Niro’s Murray Franklin met a shocking end. After Arthur became somewhat of a god in the eyes of Gotham rioters, he was quickly incarcerated within the iconic Arkham Asylum during Joker’s conclusion.

With Arthur now locked up – a familiar position for the Joker to be in – questions are now being asked about how Joker 2 will continue his story behind bars. We know that the Joker rarely stays imprisoned for long, but will Phillips lean on the source material this time around?

Could Phillips follow a comic book arc?

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If Phillips takes the Grant Morrison and Dave McKean comic Arkham Asylum: A Serious House on Serious Earth into account, we could see chaos outbreak in Arkham. The comic follows the Arkham Knight as he attempts to diffuse a riot within the asylum involving many DC villains, including Two-Face, Killer Croc, and the Joker. 

If Joker 2 began before the riot, we could see a continuation of Arthur’s internal struggle during his time at Arkham, where he would eventually provoke another riot that could end with his first confrontation with Batman.

Will Joker 2 have a time jump?

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Joker offered a momentous scene between Arthur and a young Bruce Wayne which was beautifully haunting and set up the characters’ rivalry. But in order for Arthur to face Bruce as Batman in Joker 2, there would need to be a significant time jump.

Bruce’s earliest donning of the cowl was during his late 20s, according to the comics, meaning Joker 2’s narrative would need to exist at least 15 years after the events of Joker. This would make Arthur around 55 years old.

Of course, there’s a good chance that Phillips will choose to follow his own narrative again, which will only add to the character’s original adaptation. But perhaps he’ll allow old enemies to meet in his own way, much to the delight of fans.

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