Journey Community Celebrates Fifth Anniversary With a Nostalgia Event

Journey Community Celebrates Fifth Anniversary With a Nostalgia Event

Join Journey veterans today for the event established to remind us all of the game's original impact. Perhaps you'll even find someone who has never played before.

Today, marks the fifth anniversary of Journey‘s launch in the United States. In honor of that milestone, fans of thatgamecompany’s beloved title are holding an event to remind us all of our first experiences as a red-hooded sand-skater.

At 2:30 PST, thatgamecompany is encouraging PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 players to join the First Run Nostalgia Event, which has been organized on the game’s forums. Similar to last year’s event, players are asked to hop online at the same time, in an effort to recreate memories from the game’s initial launch or maybe even to make some new ones with someone who has never before played Journey.

“Come dressed as you want (but full whites obviously can’t meet a 1st reddie), do what you want, just follow the normal Journey/Forum philosophy of being sensitive to your Companion’s style – you may meet a real newbie!

“All you have to do is jump down from the Broken Bridge entrance at the Event start time with no spans built and see who you get.”

Recently, thatgamecompany teased its next game, which remains untitled, but has been referred to as “thatnextgame.”