Journey into Pandaria’s History As You Discover the Burdens of Shaohao

on August 3, 2013 2:04 PM

Blizzard Entertainment released a breathtakingly new Asian-art-styled animation featuring the moment the last emperor of Pandaria, Shaohao, advised the Great Waterspeaker elder about his future as emperor. Blizzard also stated this feature will be the first of a series of six dramatic shorts releasing on YouTube throughout the year.

While this is just my personal speculation, it may be possible this Shaohao six-part short is leading up to something in the near future as a sort of countdown to something Blizzard Entertainment wishes to reveal. If Blizzard posts one short every two weeks, the final one shall be posted around the third week of October. If my math is correct that will be roughly around the same date of  BlizzCon. Who knows?

Either way, grab some popcorn, sit back and relax as you watch the very mysterious 2D animated The Burdens of Shaohao Prelude: The Vision below.

World of Warcraft fans, rejoice.

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