Journey to the Savage Planet Gets a New Game Mode Called Old Game Minus

Hop back into Journey to the Savage Planet now thanks to this new game mode.

Journey to the Savage Planet has added a new game mode, called Old Game Minus. In the original game, should you perish, you are automatically regenerated via a 3D printer granting you unlimited lives. The premise of Old Game Minus is that you have only three lives and are in a race against time. Should you use up all of your lives, the game ends and all of your Old Game Minus saves are deleted. Old Game Minus is available for free and will automatically be added to your game with an update which also includes new content and improvements to photo mode.

Journey to the Savage Planet has been one of our favorite games of 2020 so far. It was developed by Typhoon Studios and published by 505 Games. The first-person adventure game is available for PS4, Xbox One, and PC. As an ill-equipped employee of Kindred Aerospace (the 4th best Interstellar Exploration Company), you are tasked to explore an uncharted planet to determine if it is fit for human living. As you research the planet known as AR-Y 26 looking for fuel for the ride back to Earth, you encounter a strange and curious world filled with mysterious flora and fauna that is hiding a secret.

Old Game Minus might only provide a limited amount of lives, but if you look carefully, you can find additional bonus lives scattered around the planet. Each area contains one Martin Tweed bobblehead (CEO of Kindred Aerospace) that will provide the additional lives when found. Old Game Minus also contains one very special extra life that unlocks if you know the ultimate retro game secret. If you are playing with a co-op buddy, the three lives will be shared amongst you.

While the timer doesn’t add to the difficulty of Old Game Minus, it provides a competitive edge that allows you to see how fast you can run through the game with a limited amount of lives. Beat your time or challenge a friend to see who can complete Journey to the Savage Planet the quickest.

Journey to the Savage Planet with Old Game Minus is available now and retails for the low price of $29.99.

Laddie Simco

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