Ruin Your Family's Christmas With These Joy-Con Knife Blade Holders

A Nintendo Switch Joy-Con grip that can hold knives is brought to life by the ingenuity of an Etsy user and the power of 3D-printing

As soon as the Nintendo Switch hit store shelves last March, creative folks did not hesitate to make good use of the system’s Joy-Con controllers. Over the course of the past two years we’ve seen a Joy-Con keyboard, a Joy-Con cup holder, and most modestly, Joy-Con modified to give the Nintendo Switch a much-desired D-pad.

That being said, Etsy user Inceptualize3D has all of these creations beat. Combining the ingenuity of the human spirit with the science of 3D-printing, Inceptualize3D created Nintendo Switch Joy-Con knife holder grips. Yes, you read that correctly– a Joy-Con grip that can hold a knife.

For sale under an Etsy listing titled “Nintendo switch joycon controller knife blade holder grip custom Joy con,” Inceptualize3D clarifies that their creation, “is not sharp and is used purely for looks.” If you’re wondering why someone would create this Joy-Con grip, fret not, as the Etsy page contains an answer in the product’s description, writing, “u may ask why? But you should be asking why not??”

Of course, what kind of Etsy listing would this be without the user reviews? Yes, from the looks of it, at least one person has purchased the Joy-Con knife holder– leaving a rave review no less! “Item looks mostly great, there is some 3D printer residue left behind,” wrote the stern, yet fair reviewer, before ultimately giving the product four out of five stars.

Not all of Inceptualize3D ‘s wares are as badass (or potentially dangerous) as the knife blade Joy-Con holder. Inceptualize3D’s Etsy shop also flaunts several cuter video games items, most notably, a Kirby succulent planterMinecraft window decals, and some Overwatch cosplay materials.

Now if you’d please excuse me, I have some John Wick fantasies I’d like to live out.

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