Joystickin’ With Jorge: Bladestorm Nightmare

on March 18, 2015 12:00 PM

I am the ultimate goblin commander. Joan of Arc raises an army of demon and only I (and some dude named Magnus) need to stop her with a magic sword.

Check out Medieval Jorge carve a path of destruction through the battlefield with his goblin army at a VERY gingerly pace. During the very first mission of the Bladestorm Nightmare we managed to unite England and France and fight giant trolls and skeleton warriors. We also get a lesson in flanking which is something, I guess.

 /  Staff Writer
Raised under the tutelage of Sonic the Hedgehog and the Gunstars. Jorge came from an age where protagonists never spoke and instruction manuals were over 50 pages long. When Jorge isn't writing about some obscure indie game, he spends his day talking about videogames regardless if anyone is listening or not. Jorge one day dreams of voicing a random npc your main character bumps into and punches in the face.