Latest Judgment Gameplay Trailer Shows Takayuki Yagami in Action

Latest Judgment Gameplay Trailer Shows Takayuki Yagami in Action

In Judgment, you play as P.I. Takayuki Yagami. When investigating won't solve your problems, Yagami can fight with the best of them.

Judgment is the newest Western release out of Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio. The developers of the hit Yakuza series have spun that series off into this new tale that follows the adventures of private detective Takayuki Yagami. Investigation will play an important role in solving the game’s mysteries; however, when the situation calls for it, Yagami knows how to throw down. Check out the new gameplay trailer below which shows both of his fighting styles in action.

The Yakuza series has always mixed a weird, yet heart-warming narrative with bonkers, dynamic combat. If this trailer is anything to go by, Judgment has the combat down easy. Yagami has access to two unique fighting styles depending on the enemies in front of him.

Tiger style is best used in one-on-one combat. In this style, we see him use vicious kicks and punches to dominate each foe as they come at him. Yagami also uses chopsticks at one point to fight a man off, which is just…perfect. Crane style features attacks that arc into multiple attackers. From sweeping kicks to wild haymaker punches, this is the style to use when you find yourself down in numbers.

No matter the style you use, expect the fights to be incredibly cinematic, as is the Yakuza way. From high-speed camera cuts to stunning slow-motion shots, this game reeks style. If you haven’t played a Yakuza game yet, you’re in for a treat when you pick this one up.

Judgment is coming to PS4 on June 25. If you’d like to get in early, players who pre-order can start playing on June 21.