New Judgment Trailer With Lead Actor Greg Chun Talking Over 20 Minutes of Gameplay Released

New Judgment Trailer With Lead Actor Greg Chun Talking Over 20 Minutes of Gameplay Released

Judgment gets a brand new gameplay trailer from PlayStation Underground that includes commentary from lead actor Greg Chun.

Judgment‘s lead voice actor Greg Chun joined the squad at Playstation Underground to show off 20+ minutes of gameplay. The trailer shows off some classic Yakuza combat and tons of that Ryu ga Gotoku Studio humor. If you’re on the fence about this Yakuza spin-off, you should definitely give this trailer a watch below.

The trailer starts out simply enough. Takayuki Yagami has been tasked with finding a man named Kaito and the Underground team is on the case. We see a bit of the diverse gameplay on offer with a segment that has you controlling a drone and then things go completely off the rails.

They find Kaito inside a building and Yagami is given three different ways to approach the villain. The group chooses to “put on a disguise” (and why would you not?). Yagami finds a janitor costume and uses it to infiltrate the building. The crew gets up to a bit of shenanigans before being discovered by one of the goons. To try and explain why they don’t look like the usual janitor, they say that they “got plastic surgery”. It’s all very silly and very Yakuza.

After that, they enter into a fight, which shows off some of Yagami’s awesome EX moves. These very similar to the Heat actions from Yakuza, but almost seem more over-the-top if that’s even possible.

It was fun to go through the sequence with the guy who voices Yagami. Greg Chun provided some insight that you simply wouldn’t get from a normal gameplay trailer. If like me, you can’t wait for the game to drop, give this one a watch.

Judgment is coming to PS4 on June 25. Be sure to read some of our preview coverage here on DualShockers.