Judy, Isabelle, and Five more Animal Crossing Build-A-Bear Plushies We Need

From Judy to Dotty, check out our picks for the Build-A-Bear X Animal Crossing crossover.

March 10, 2021

Nintendo finally did the right thing and partnered with Build-A-Bear to make more Animal Crossing: New Horizons plushies. 

Announced earlier today, popular stuffed animal company Build-A-Bear Workshop is going to be producing Animal Crossing plushies in the near future. While there’s not a lot of public information about the plushies just yet, it’s never too early to dream about who they might give the stuffed animal treatment to. Here are seven Animal Crossing: New Horizons characters we want to see get their hearts stuffed.


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This one’s pretty straightforward. Isabelle is one of the most beloved Animal Crossing characters for her lovely personality and determination to make your island/town as good as it can possibly be. Because she’s also a dog, Isabelle is the perfect candidate to be made into a soft and pet-able plushy.


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Despite being one of the newest editions to the AC games, Judy is already a fan favorite. Introduced in New Horizons, her bright colors, and starry eyes make her a great candidate for the Build-A-Bear treatment. The smooth spot on her head seems like the perfect place for some soft fur. (FYI, today, March 10, is her birthday! Make sure to log in and get her a gift!)

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One of my personal favorites of the pig villagers, Hugh seems like a great choice to turn into a Build-A-Bear plushy. He’s got a cute face with his heterochromatic eyes and he always seems to have a smile. His circular tail would make for a lot of fun and his blue color make him stick out among some of the other villagers.

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Another newly introduced Animal Crossing villager, Cyd the elephant contrasts some of the other characters on this list with his punk aesthetic. Sporting a red body and a purple mohawk, he seems like he’d be the perfect choice for the AC fans who like to live a “rockin'” lifestyle.

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A list of dream AC Build-A-Bear contenders wouldn’t be complete unless you included an actual bear. Tutu is a fashion-loving peppy bear who seems like the embodiment of what Build-A-Bears are: easily huggable and wearing a cute sweater.

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Despite being a little smaller in stature than the other entries on this list, Marshal would make a great plushy based on one feature alone: his giant tail. Sure, he’s one of the most popular villagers out there, but his giant tail would be perfect to squish, prod, and pet if he got the Build-A-Bear-ification.

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Similar to Marshal, Dotty’s ears feel like a major selling point for any plushy. They’re big and stick out way above her head. In terms of something soft that you can pet, you’re probably not going to find anything bigger from any other villagers.

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What do you think? Are there any villagers we missed? Let us know in the comments below and make sure to stick with DualShockers for anything and everything Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

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