Five Predictions for the Next Pokemon GO Community Day in July 2021

It’s shaping up for July’s Pokemon GO Community Day to be a very big one.

Niantic has set the stall out to show they mean business in June by offering up Gible as the selected Pokemon.

Couple that with the fact that July is Pokemon GO’s fifth anniversary and the signs look good.

With that in mind, as I like to do, here are five predictions for the next Pokemon GO Community Day in July 2021.

Return to the Sinnoh region in Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Pokémon Shining Pearl!

Return to the Sinnoh region in Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Pokémon Shining Pearl!


I’m never going to stop predicting Axew until it becomes a reality.

This Pokemon is still incredibly rare (I’m still yet to see one) and would be an incredibly welcome addition to the Community Day roster.

Not only would it make players very, very happy but it would also shake-up the PVP meta and release a damn cool shiny into the game.

If Niantic wants to show some major intent around the game’s anniversary, this is the exact way to do it.


Another repeat prediction but it’s another one that would show real intent on Niantic’s part.

Volcarona is an incredibly powerful Bug/Fire-type Pokemon that would almost definitely find a niche in PVP.

A decent moveset and solid max CP of 4106 at level 50 make it a force to be reckoned with.

This would certainly be a bold and exciting pick should Niantic ever go down this route.


Bringing things back closer to reality – Tepig seems a highly likely option, if not for July, some point very soon.

Niantic recently gave us a Snivy Community Day and the next starter Pokemon on the list is the fiery pig, Tepig.

While not as exciting as Axew or Larvesta, it’s still a new shiny and could make things interesting.


What better way to reintroduce Darumaka into the wild than during a Community Day.

Given a special move, Darmanitan could be a monster in PVP and Niantic could also be really smart with this.

Southern Hemisphere countries, which are in the winter, would receive Galarian Darumaka, Northern Hemisphere countries, which are in the summer, could receive standard Darumaka.

Then, come the end of the year, when Niantic inevitably throws the “Super Community Day”, the hemispheres would have switched seasons and the Darumaka could switch with it.

Rotom – All Forms

Rotom was released into Pokemon GO during GO Fest last year, however, since then, it’s been absent.

It would be fitting for the Pokemon to return to the game this summer, one year after its release but this time with a major blowout, releasing all of its forms and all with their shiny variants.

There you have it – DualShockers’ Pokemon GO July 2021 Community Day predictions.

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